Powell ELected to MRP State Committee

Farmington Hills Resident Elected to Republican State Committee

Powell Elected to Michigan Leadership Group

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Podcast Launched by 14th District

Podcast Launch on January 17 by 14th District Republicans

Social Media Based Weekly Program to Provide Fresh News Source

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Kateff Supports Immigration Reform

Republican District Chair Supports Immigration Reform

Kateff Brings Attention to Pending Federal Legislation

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Seely Elected to GPS City Council

Grosse Pointe Shores Republican Wins Council Seat

Seely Wins Four Year Term

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Barr Elected to MRP Vice Chair - Coalitions

Pontiac Resident Takes on Republican Party Leadership Role

Barr Elected to Michigan Vice Chair for Coalitions


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Corcoran Wins Primary in District 1

Grosse Pointe Woods Resident Competes to Represent Michigan House District #1

Corcoran Primary Win Puts Him on November 2017 Ballot

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Strobl Addresses Free Speech

Press Release

Grosse Pointe Shores Resident Addresses Univeristy of Michigan Free Speech

Strobl Brings National Attention to First Amendment Rights

Grosse Pointe Shores, MI [Immediate Release]:  Grant Strobl, Grosse Pointe Shores, MI, as Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), is addressing campus free speech across the country.

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Strobl Fights for Free Speech on Berkeley Campus

14th District Executive Committeeman Fights for Free Speech on Campus

University of Michigan Student Fights for Coulter’s Right to Speak at Berkeley

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Kateff Calls on Stabenow to Confirm Judge Gorsuch

Kateff Calls on Stabenow to Confirm Judge Gorsuch

Trump’s Oakland County Co-Chair Notes Senate Seat Election in 2018

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Kateff Re-elected as Chair

Kateff Re-elected as 14th District Republican Chair

Trump’s Oakland County Co-Chair Continues in Leadership Role

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