The 14th District Republican Committee has been more active than ever over the last two years.  When Janine Kateff ran to be 14th District Chairwoman in 2015, her three major commitments to the District were to raise the energy level of the District, to raise money through fundraising events and to donate those monies to local candidates. 

"The District is the way it is today due to the work of many volunteers.  I am so grateful for their efforts", said Kateff.  Here is a summary of accomplishments by the District, led by its Executive Committee members and its officers, including Kateff:   


Built an email list from 0 (yes from zero) to many active emails

Designed a 14th District Logo and Banner via a Contest held in June 2015

Created a 14th Facebook Page with nearly 500 active followers

Created a 14th District Website (which promotes all activities of the the 14th)

Created a 14th District Twitter account

Purchased with donated funds a projector and screen for use at monthly meetings



Published monthly 14th District newsletters (which are widely regarded as the best in Michigan)

Published a Black History Month Special Edition Newsletter (which was widely read and reproduced)

Distributed over 30 Press Releases to statewide media (six of which supported affiliated group/club events)

Established three (3) different Ad Hoc Rules Committee for Conventions

Established  several other committees with specific responsibilities



1. Opposition to Prop 1 Gas Tax Ballot Proposal - April 2015 (Prop 1 defeated)

2. Opposition to Civil Asset Forfeiture - led by Regina Brim - June 2015 (Michigan laws changed)

3. Opposition to Refugee Resettlements (also passed by MIGOP State Committee) -     

4. Opposition to State Board of Education LGBTQ Guidelines - June 2016 (GOP candidates elected to SBE)



Based on an Executive Committee vote, held regularly scheduled meetings that were widely promoted and well attended

First ever District goal setting meeting with resulting goals set for two year period

Received District Treasurer and similar reports on regular basis

Affiliated groups given time to promote their upcoming programs and events



Refugee Resolution - Serene Zeni and  Dorene Weisberg

Prop 1  - Randall Thompson and Keith Ledbetter

Civil Asset Forfeiture -  Sheriff Michael Bouchard and Jarrett Scorup (Mackinac Center)

LGBTQ - Dr. Richard Zeile- State Board of Education

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley

Adam Raezler - speaking about the Rubrics of the Presidential Election

Ronna Romney McDaniel - Campaign Updates (spoke at two different meetings)

Kathy Berden - National Committeewoman

Dr. Rob Steele - National Committeeman

Dave Agema - National Committeeman

Michigan Supreme Court Justices Joan Larsen and David Viviano

Justice Maura Corrigan

Oakland County Commissioner Shelly Taub

Most Republican candidates for elected office appeared during their election cycle



14th District Law Enforcement Rally - Hosted by Carol Foster and Karen Faett - May 2016 (this received significant media coverage from WDIV, WJR, WJBK and others)

 Lincoln Day Dinner - 14th Purchased/Sponsored four (4) Tables (40 Members attended)

 Walk for Israel Parade - May 2015 and May 2016

 Flint Bottled Water Collection - January 2016



Membership Dues (established a cycle for and collected)

14th’s First ever fundraiser: CPL Class - hosted by Robert Oestrich  (October 2015)

14th’s First ever Holiday Party Feliz Navidad in December 2015 - hosted by Gloria Rocha, Donzell Green and Matt Schonert

14th’s Second fundraising event: Drawing from Concealment Class - hosted by Robert Oestrich (September 2016)

14th’s Second Christmas - Hanukkah - Victory Party in December 2016 - hosted by Christina Barr and Cheryl Costantino


Campaign checks written to 11 Republican Candidates who ran for various offices in the 14th District during the 2016 election cycle

Promoted over 20 other Republican candidates who ran for office in the 14th District



Grew attendance at regular meetings  (special attraction speakers drew larger crowds of 70 to 90)

Republican votes cast in the 14th District Congressional race increased over 38% from 41,801 (2014) to 58,103 (2016)